The confident freelancer

Many people go into copywriting because they like writing.

But that doesn’t mean they know how to write copy. Copy that sells.

Many people start freelancing because they want to be their own boss. Or because they want to fit copywriting around their other responsibilities. Or because they can’t find employment as a copywriter.

But that doesn’t mean they know how to find clients, quote the right price, and get paid on time.

Spend a day with Jackie Barrie and discover:

– The beginner’s guide to copywriting, so you can be confident you know what you’re doing and charge what you deserve

– How to run your freelance business like a business, so you are treated with respect by your clients

About the Speaker

Jackie Barrie

Jackie was an in-house copywriter for 18 years in the corporate world, ending up with a team of copywriters and designers reporting to her. She’s been freelancing successfully since...

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