Perfectionism is a copywriter’s disease

Copywriters live in an endless circle of creation > feedback > edit: the ideal environment for perfectionism to fester.

Perfectionism is not that cliché answer to the interview question, “What would you say your biggest weakness is?’ Perfectionism is a disease that’s all about control.

The time we spend planning and agonising and mulling is time spent not DOING. And we do it because we feel like we’re in control when we’re planning. It’s safe.

When the thing is done and it’s time to send your copy to the client, that’s a jump-off-a-cliff moment. Complete lack of control. Laying ourselves bare to criticism.

Lack of control = fear. And we don’t get paid for time wasted on being afraid.
This talk covers:
– The psychology of perfectionism
– How it affects copywriters, in particular
– Recognising your own fear responses
– How to break patterns born from fear and control
– Books to read

About the Speaker

Honor Clement-Hayes

Honor Clement-Hayes is the brand manager for Ticker Insurance, and has been recognised as the IMPRA Young Marketer of the Year and featured in the Drum's 50 Under 30.

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